B-L Primary School Relay for Life Team Kicks Off Flamingo Fundraiser

Someone added a few feathered friends to the front lawn of the Lexington Three District Office on Monday, March 22nd. 🙂 (See pictures in attached graphic.)
Don't worry - it was all done in good spirits as this is the official kickoff to a fundraiser being hosted by the B-L Primary School Panther Cubs Relay for Life team.
The flamingos will roost on the lawn of the District Office until Tuesday evening when they will mysteriously migrate to another friend's yard. The rules of the fundraiser state that the District Office staff can specify where to send them next for a $15 donation or they can simply be removed by the "Flamingo Service" for a $10 donation.
Be on the lookout for our pink (and purple) friends as they migrate around town. If you would like to get in on the fun, email Tonya Osment at BLPSpanthercubs21@gmail.com.