B-L High School Students Earn Platinum Certificate On State Assessment

The WIN Ready to Work test, which is administered in the spring to all high school juniors, is a workforce education and development tool comprised of three proctored assessments--Applied Mathematics, Reading for Information, and Locating Information--that essentially leads to a work-ready credential. The exam brings employers, learners/job-seekers, and education/workforce partners together in building a skilled workforce, while keeping and attracting businesses with higher-wage jobs and national economic growth, as stated by the WIN website www.winlearning.com Last spring, 81 percent of the Lexington Three students who took the WIN test earned a work-ready certificate.


The Platinum Certificate is the highest level of certification that a student can earn on the WIN assessment.  It is estimated that only 1,275 students of the 51,000 test takers across South Carolina earned this certificate in 2018.


Congratulations Caroline and Kendall!