B-L Middle School Students Learn Life Skills Through Class Project

The project is centered around a Coffee Cart that runs every Friday morning and offers custom coffee drinks for faculty at the school.  At the beginning of each week, teachers and other staff members fill out a Google form with their specific coffee requests. Then, each Friday morning, students in Ms. Goetowski’s class brew the coffee and make the custom orders, adding in the specified creamer (regular and/or flavored) and the requested amount of sugar or artificial sweeteners.  Then, they deliver their creations to staff members around the school.


This is the first year doing this, so we are starting out slow. Eventually, the plan is to have a variety of hot options for the cold months and cold options for the hot months. I would also like to one day include not only coffee, but also hot chocolate, hot teas, sodas, iced tea and fruit smoothie options. Hopefully, we will also have snack products to sell as well,” said Ms. Goetowski.


Faculty and staff have the option to pay for their coffee each week or pre-pay for an entire month.  Tips are also accepted. All monies received through this project will either go into the classroom fund balance or towards Special Olympics expenses.