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Lexington Three Research Proposal Application



Lexington County School District Three encourages research to improve day-to-day educational practices or to contribute to the body of research for the field of education.

Educators who are currently employed by Lexington County School District Three may gather and analyze data at any time if the data are being used solely for the improvement of their own professional practice and if the collection of such data would be part of ordinary instructional procedures for their own students. Any research that goes beyond individual use that is exclusively for improvement of professional practice requires district approval by the Lexington County School District Three. 

General Proposal Criteria


Lexington County School District Three accommodates researchers from outside the district whenever their proposals meet district criteria. All research conducted in the district must meet the following criteria:

  • The research is of value to the district
  • The research does not interfere with the educational programs of the district
  • The research respects the privacy and informed consent of students, families and employees
  • Participation in the research is voluntary. Schools, principals, teachers and students who do not wish to participate have the right to refuse
  • The researcher agrees to provide the district with a copy of the completed research

These procedures and criteria are in place to protect students, families and employees of the district. While the district welcomes research studies, it is important to note that failure to adhere to district procedures will result in denial of the proposal.

Studies Affiliated with a College or University


Lexington County School District Three expects college and university faculty members to work with their students to develop, review, edit and obtain institutional approval of proposals before they are submitted to the district for review. Researchers who are submitting proposals to meet requirements for a degree program at a college or university must:

  • Submit documentation that their proposals have been reviewed by the institutional review board (IRB) of the college or university and either approved or granted exempt status by the IRB OR
  • Acknowledge the study, if approved by Lexington County School District Three, will not be conducted or data collected until the study has been approved or exempted by the college or university’s IRB

Procedures for Submission

Researchers should complete the application for Lexington County School District Three. Dissertation proposals can be used as an appendix, but will not be considered without the completed application.

It is important that all applications be complete. Incomplete proposals may be rejected without review.

Each proposal must, generally, include:

  • Research Design
  • Data Collection
  • Data Analysis and results dissemination
  • Copies of informed consent forms that comply with Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment (PPRA) guidelines.
  • Draft copies of any instruments, assessments, forms, letters and other documents that will be provided to participants or their parents/guardians
  • A letter of support from the researcher’s college or university advisor or the researcher’s employer
  • The Proposal Application should be submitted at least two months prior to anticipated start date of the study


Review Process for Proposals


The Director of Accountability and Assessment will serve as the screener to determine whether proposals meet district criteria. If a proposal is recommended, it can still be denied by the principal of any school whose teachers or students are asked to participate.

If the district and principal approve a study, the researcher must remember:

  • Participation of students, families and educators is voluntary
  • If students or their records are involved in the research, the researcher must obtain prior written permission from parents/legal guardians in a manner approved by the district
  • Upon conclusion of the research, the researcher must forward a copy of the completed study to Lexington County School District Three
  • The district reserves the right to use research findings for programmatic revision/decision making, as appropriate. The researcher will receive appropriate acknowledgment when his/her findings are used or cited.

Please send an email to to request an application proposal.