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FOIA Request


All persons requesting information concerning Lexington County School District Three under South Carolina Code of Laws Title 30 – Public Records Chapter 4 Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) must submit in writing to Lexington County School District Three.

The FOIA request may be emailed or sent by letter to: Superintendent, Lexington County School District Three, 338 West Columbia Avenue, Batesburg-Leesville, SC 29006.

In accordance with the Freedom of Information Act, the district has 10 working days to determine if the information requested is publicly available under the Freedom of Information Act.

Persons requesting information must include the following items in their FOIA request:

  • Full Name
  • Organization
  • Full address including street, city, state and zip code
  • Email address
  • Telephone number
  • A detailed description of the public records or information requested
  • Date


FOIA provides the public with access to a public agency’s existing non-exempt records.  It does not require the district to generate or create records.

Certain categories of documents such as personnel records; student records; test and examinations used to evaluate students or employee performance; records relating to the security of students, staff or property; records protected from disclosure under attorney-client privilege; executive session materials; etc. may be withheld.

Lexington County School District Three has a practice of charging individuals or entities requesting information under the Freedom of Information Act “the actual cost of searching for or making copies of records,” as permitted in S.C. Code Section30-4-30(b).  This includes, but is not limited to, charges for staff time and the cost of copying and printing materials. Please see the fee schedule listed below.

Once a written FOIA request has been received, the district will provide the individual/entity with an estimate of the costs.  A deposit of 25% of the estimated cost must be received by the district before the district will begin filling the request.  The remainder of the balance must be paid when the information is picked up.

Schedule of Fees for Public Records
South Carolina Freedom of Information Act (§ 30-4-30(B))

A reasonable fee not to exceed the actual cost will be charged for the search, retrieval, and, when appropriate, redaction of records produced in response to a request for public records under the South Carolina Freedom of Information Act (“FOIA”). Additionally, copies will be charged at a cost not to exceed the prevailing commercial rate for the producing of copies. In certain cases, particularly FOIA requests in which a large number of records or confidential information is requested, a deposit not exceeding 25% of the total estimated fee will be required prior to commencing the retrieval and production of records.

Reasonable efforts will be made to produce records at the lowest possible cost, and the following fee schedule will apply:

  • Copying costs will be charged at a commercially reasonable rate of $0.10 per page, and the fee for non-standard size documents, such as architectural plans or property plats, will be individually determined at the time of copying based on actual copying cost.

  • Search, retrieval, and redaction costs of records will be charged at the prorated hourly rate of the lowest paid employee who, in the reasonable discretion of the custodian of the records, has the necessary skill and training to perform the search, retrieval, and, if appropriate, redaction. Records requests involving specialized, technical, or confidential information, or otherwise requiring redaction, will in many cases require an employee with a higher salary to perform the search, retrieval, and/or redaction. The fee rate, accordingly, will vary based on the nature of the records requested, depending on the necessary skill and training level necessary. However, the current minimum applicable fee rate is $20-25 per hour. Employee time will be billed based on ¼ hour increments. 

The fee schedule may vary from time to time as hourly wages, salaries, and commercially reasonable copying costs change.

Fees will not be charged for examination and review of documents to determine if the documents are subject to disclosure. Additionally, copying costs will not be charged for copies of records that are transmitted in electronic format, although if requested records are not already in electronic format, fees will be charged for staff time required to transfer the documents to electronic format.