Centennial Celebration

Lexington County School District Three is EXCITED to be celebrating 100 years of Panther Pride during the 2019-2020 school year.  Below, you will find a brief history regarding the formation of B-L High School.
In 1919, the boll weevil was eating its way through the south, devastating the cotton crops and the economy.  Cotton was king and provided the main cash crop in the south.  So, before the boll weevil became a problem in South Carolina, agricultural leaders from across the state, including those from the towns of Batesburg and Leesville, left on a train for Enterprise, Alabama to hear a speech from George Washington Carver, a noted agricultural scientist.  
While on the way to Alabama, there was a discussion among the locals about the growing school age population in Batesburg and Leesville.  At that time, each town had its own school system and two separate school buildings, both of which were built in 1912.  However, with more children entering school, there was a need for additional buildings.  This is where the initial plan for a consolidated high school that could serve both towns was first formed.
Upon returning home, the gentlemen went to work with the Lexington County delegation to introduce Act 805 in 1920.  It was passed by the state legislature and provided funds to construct a centralized high school building for the towns of Batesburg and Leesville.  At the time, Lexington County had around 50 school districts and this act combined Districts 15 and 18.  The first year of consolidation was 1920-1921.  Students met at the Leesville School until the new Batesburg-Leesville Consolidated High School on Highway One was finished.
The Batesburg-Leesville Consolidated High School was the first consolidated high school in the state.  The building had 14 classrooms, a cafeteria, laboratory, library, superintendent's office, principal's office, home economics rooms and an auditorium with six music studio rooms behind the stage.  The building first opened its doors for classes during the 1921-1922 school year.
Graduates from the Batesburg-Leesville High School Class of 2020 will make history on May 29th as the school's 100th graduating class when they walk across the field of Panther Stadium to receive their high school diplomas.  Prior to this big event, however, the District has many celebrations planned to allow students, staff and community members the opportunity to celebrate this momentous and joyous occasion.  
Please follow the district on social media and regularly check back to the news section of this website to stay up-to-date regarding our centennial celebration.  Also be sure to visit our videos page to see several short films created exclusively in celebration of our 100th birthday!