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Lexington County School District Three is committed to providing the best educational experience to the students that we serve. This commitment requires that the District provide functional, safe, and reliable technology resources to the students, faculty, and staff of Lexington District Three. The Technology Department ensures that our network, computer, and phone resources remain secure, while maintaining a balance of ease of use and the instructional integrity of technology use in the classroom.

The work of the District Technology Team consists of:

-- The District Director of Technology and three district technicians who oversee and maintain all devices, networks and programs

--Two District Digital Learning Coaches who train and assist teachers, staff and students with the instructional use of technology as a learning tool in the classroom

During the 2015 - 2016 school year, Lexington Three began a 1:1 initiative designed to provide our students with digital access on a daily basis through personal access to Chromebooks and G Suite for Education, a Google Learning Management Platform for Schools.

Our 1:1 initiative now spans grades 1 through 12, with access to shared devices in grades K4 and K5 as well.  The mission of Lexington School District Three is to develop learners with a world class education that will prepare them to become future leaders and contributors in a global community. A 21st-century learning environment that embraces this world-class knowledge and skills, as well as life and career characteristics, will ensure that our graduates will be ready for life beyond Lexington School District Three. This mission was central to both our 1:1 initiative and our choice to invest in G Suite for Education. 

Empowering our students with the World Class Skills essential for college and career readiness is a recognized and embraced focal point for all district stakeholders. Personalized access to digital resources for our students is certainly integral in our vision of Preparing Students for the Future...NOW!

Our staff listed below is here to help:

Steven Jones, Director of Technology 
Phone: 803-532-4423

Shawn Connelly, Computer/Network Technician

Jason Kay, Computer/Network Technician

Michael Kneece, Computer/Network Technician

Ashley Fort,  Digital Learning Coach 

Maggee Ellis,  Digital Learning Coach