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eLearning Day Information


We have exciting news! Lexington Three was one of ten school districts from around the state that was approved as part of a pilot program to use eLearning days for school makeup days this upcoming year.  This means that if the district has to cancel school due to inclement weather, students and staff could complete pre-determined virtual assignments and tasks from the comfort of their homes on either the actual day that is affected or later on one of the scheduled Bad Weather Makeup Days that are planned in the spring.

In Lexington School District Three, we value our instructional time with students. State law requires that children attend school 180 days. Inclement weather makeup days are inevitable and adding the makeup days to the end of the school calendar is not the best use of instructional time.  

The Plan

An eLearning day is very similar to a normal school day. The eLearning day will be announced in the school closings on local news, Blackboard Connect calls, on social media and the district website. Students in grades first through twelfth will find their assignments loaded electronically into Google Classroom.  Google Classroom is a learning management system that teachers use within their classroom to provide lessons, resources, and support from the teacher. Each student will complete the material for each of their classes on their schedule and submit their work for the assignment through Google Classroom. Teachers will post all assignments by 2 pm prior to inclement weather in Google Classroom and allow students without internet access at home time to download assignments to Chromebooks for offline use. Announcements will be made at each school for teachers to post and students to download. Students in grades K4 and K5 will have paper assignments and resources sent home with them prior to the eLearning day.  All students should begin working on their lessons on the day missed when possible. Student work is due within three school days upon returning to school.

Teachers will be available throughout the eLearning day via virtual office hours to answer student and parent/guardian questions. Common Digital Office Hours are as follows:  Primary and Elementary School Students: 8:30 - 10:00 am and 1:00 - 2:30 pm and Middle and High School Students: 10:00 - 11:30 am and 2:30 - 4:00 pm. Teachers can communicate with students/parents via Google Classroom, email, Remind, or Seesaw to answer questions or provide help during office hours. (The Remind app is the only way to communicate without internet access.)



Teachers will keep a record of submitted assignments in Google Classroom. Students will receive credit for the day missed when their work is submitted.  Students in grades K4 and K5 will receive credit for the day missed when they turn in their completed paper assignments. All students will have three school days to complete the assignments upon returning to school if they are unable to do so on the inclement weather day. Students who do not complete their lessons within that timeframe will be marked absent. 

No Internet Access/No Power -- No Worries!

Students without internet access can download assignments to his/her Chromebook ahead of time to be sure of access in the case of wifi outage.  All students in grades 1-12 can access, complete, and submit work via Chromebook or cellphone on the Google Classroom and Google Suite apps (iOS & Android). The Google Classroom app is free and allows you to do anything on a phone that you can do on a computer.  All students will have an opportunity to complete their “eLessons” regardless of internet connectivity. 


What about students receiving special education services?

Around 85% - 90% of our students with disabilities currently use online learning at some level. As a result, many of these students follow the same plan as their peers. Special education teachers work with all teachers to make sure the content is accessible and accommodated for each individual student when needed. Special education teachers may also assign supplemental activities for the student to continue working on their Individual Education Plan (IEP) goals and objectives. However, we do have some students that have greater needs and may not be able to access online learning. For these students, special education teachers will create alternative printed activities that can go home. These hands-on activities will be ones that parents can do with their child to ensure students continue to work on their IEP goals and access the curriculum.


If you have any questions or concerns about our eLearning days, please communicate them with your child’s school.  We’re excited about this amazing opportunity and look forward to modeling this system for other school districts throughout South Carolina. GO PANTHERS!