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Plans for the 2020-2021 School Year

To our deeply admired and respected Panther family,
As Lexington County School District Three looks ahead and plans for the 2020-2021 school year, we want to express our sincerest gratitude to each of you for the resilience you have displayed over the past few months in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. We could never have predicted that our final time together last school year would be our centennial production of The Wizard of Oz musical on March 14th. The following day, schools were shut down and centuries of traditional education took a dramatic turn to an all-virtual platform. In true keeping, though, with what it means to be a Panther, each of you demonstrated courage and determination to continue learning and together, we overcame extraordinary circumstances.
We hope you’ve had a moment to catch your breath as a family since summer break began just a few weeks ago. At the Lexington Three District Office, we have been busier than ever, monitoring guidelines and recommendations we have been receiving from national and state agencies and formulating a plan to bring the Panther family back together in some manner for the new school year. At times, the task at hand has been daunting, but it is our ultimate goal to create equitable and meaningful learning experiences for every child in our great school district while at the same time, keeping our students and staff safe, healthy and well.  
We know and understand the great importance of returning to an in-person learning model, not just for academics, but also for the social, emotional and physical well-being of our students. However, as we continue to see a rising rate of virus transmission in our area and across the state, we must be responsible and take prudent steps to ensure that our schools do not contribute to the spread in our community. 
The following documents present our current plans for the 2020-2021 school year. These models represent many weeks of research and collaborative planning with our Learning and Operations Team, which is a group of educational specialists put together specifically to plan for school amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, we have sought feedback from a parent panel, poured over documents from medical experts and followed advice from neighboring school districts, the SC Department of Education and the SC Department of Health and Environmental Control. Please know that due to the constantly changing nature of this pandemic, our plans are evolving and are subject to change. However, regardless of the path that the new school year ultimately takes, Lexington Three students will continue to receive high-quality, standards-based instruction that will propel them forward in their educational careers.
Please make note of the updated Lexington Three 2020-2021 calendar that was approved at the Special Called Meeting of the Lexington Three Board of Trustees on July 14th. The new calendar, as well as more detailed information regarding the start of school, can be found below.
Thank you for entrusting your children to us!  ---The Lexington Three Administration Team
Lexington Three is pleased to offer several learning models for our Panther students during the 2020-2021 school year. Please click on the document below titled Reopening Plans for a comprehensive overview of each of our options.
In the Reopening Plans document, you can also find detailed information regarding new safety protocols and procedures that will be implemented. Lexington Three remains dedicated to the health of our students and staff during this worldwide pandemic.
Please note that ALL students in Lexington Three, regardless of whether they choose to be a virtual, hybrid or all face-to-face student, are required to complete the district-wide registration process. More information about that can be found in the subsequent section below. In addition, parents of children who choose our virtual (VIP) option must also complete the Virtual Instruction Program Registration Form that is linked below.
Information Specifically For Students Who Choose the VIP (Virtual) Model
In addition to our face-to-face and hybrid models, Lexington District Three is excited to offer the Virtual Instruction Program (VIP) for students in K5 - 12th grade. If you are interested in learning more about the virtual option, please carefully review the informational flyer and handbook provided below. If you would like to go ahead and sign-up your child for full-time virtual instruction for the fall semester, please complete the registration form provided here: Lexington Three Virtual Instruction Program Registration Form.
Please note that this form must be completed IN ADDITION TO our district-wide student registration. You can find more information about the district registration process closer to the bottom of this web page. You must also complete the Parent Choice Form that is being mailed out to families during the last week of July.
Students who choose our VIP option will be required to attend a face-to-face orientation at their school on September 2nd from 8:30 am until 2:30 pm. More information about this will be forthcoming.
Bus Safety Information
BUS STOPS (Bus Stops will be governed by parents/guardians)
-There should be 6 feet separation of individuals from different homes while waiting at the bus stop.
-Masks are highly recommended while at the bus stop awaiting a bus to arrive.*
-If a student or adult has COVID symptoms (fever, sickness, etc.), they should not come to the bus stop.
-Students should wait until another student is on the top step before approaching the door of the bus.
-Masks are required to board the bus. Masks should be worn by staff (including drivers) and students.*
-ALL students will have assigned seating and must stay in assigned seats.
-No students are allowed to sit on the two front seats per DHEC mandate.
-Masks are required for students, staff and drivers while the bus is in operation.*
-Buses will be at 46% capacity with one student per seat. However, students from the same household may sit together (two on a seat will only be allowed every other seat).
-Instruct students when to enter the aisle to unload (such as arrival at a school).
-Assign seats by order students get on in the morning and off in the afternoon.
-Masks are required by students, staff and drivers.*
*Students who should NOT be required to wear face coverings include:
-Those younger than two years old;
-Those who have trouble breathing;
-Those unable to remove the covering without assistance; and/or
-Those with special healthcare or educational needs as determined by an Individualized Education Program (IEP), 504 Accommodations Plan, or an individual student healthcare plan, or by a medical doctor.
*Staff members, including bus drivers, who have trouble breathing and/or those with special healthcare needs as noted by a medical doctor should NOT be required to wear face coverings.
Additional Information
-Buses will be disinfected after every route per DHEC and SDE guidelines.
-Air-conditioning and vented airflow (per DHEC and SDE, both top vents and two windows) will be opened slightly during the operation of air-conditioning for quality air flow.
The Lexington Three Board of Trustees voted at its July 14th meeting to amend the 2020-2021 district calendar. The updated calendar, as well as more detailed information about the start of school, can be viewed below.
August 10th through 14th - LEAP Days
The South Carolina General Assembly has approved funding for five additional days before the start of the 2020-2021 school year for students in grades Pre-K through 8th grade. These days have been identified as Learn, Evaluate, Analyze and Prepare (LEAP). Please note there are no LEAP days for 9th through 12th grade students.
For students in grades 1st through 8th, students will be divided up so that only half attend at one time, either on August 11-12 or August 13-14. Students in 4-year-old and 5-year-old kindergarten will be contacted individually by mail to set up an appointment to come into our schools.
All current social distancing guidelines will be followed. Your child must wear a mask per mandates from the SC Department of Education. For additional information regarding this requirement, please visit our Reopening Plans document at the top of the page. Breakfast and lunch will be served. Bus transportation will be provided if needed.

Lexington Three will use the LEAP days to focus on the following for all students:
• Orienting students with new teacher(s)
• Diagnostic and assessment activities
• Social and emotional connections with peers and staff
• Review of Individual Education Plans (IEPs)
• Establishing routines and procedures relating to Covid-19 (ex: social distancing)

The schedule for student attendance on LEAP days is as follows:
4K and 5K Students: By Appointment 
1st through 8th Grade Students:
August 11-12: students with last names A-K will attend both days from 8 a.m. - 12 p.m.
August 13-14: students with last names L-Z will attend both days from 8 a.m. - 12 p.m.

On August 11-14, car pickup at BLPS, BLES, and BLMS will be from 12:00 - 12:45 to allow parents to pick-up at multiple locations if needed.

Attendance on LEAP days is not mandatory, but we strongly encourage every child in K4 through eighth grade to attend! This will be a great opportunity for your child to meet their teacher, see friends, and for teachers to assess your child’s academic and social/emotional strengths and weaknesses. Due to COVID-19 guidelines, we are unable to allow parents to accompany students to their classrooms at any time. Attendance during the LEAP days will allow students to familiarize themselves with staff, classrooms, and the building prior to the first day of school.

If you have questions about the LEAP days, please feel free to call your child’s school. 

August 31st through September 4th - Students Officially Start School
As part of the Lexington Three reopening plan, students will begin school on staggered start dates to provide them the opportunity to become familiar with new school routines and practices as a result of COVID-19. Please make note of the start dates for your student based on the following:
B-L Primary and B-L Elementary School PRIDE Students
August 31 and September 1 - Only students in the PRIDE option at BLPS and BLES with last names beginning A-K will attend school in grades K4 - 5th grade. 

September 2 and 3 - Only students in the PRIDE option at BLPS and BLES with last names beginning L-Z will attend school in grades K4 - 5th grade.

September 4th - ALL students in the PRIDE option at BLPS and BLES in grades K4 - 5th grade will attend school.
B-L Middle and B-L High School HYBRID Students
Beginning on August 31, middle and high school students will attend face-to-face classes on the following schedule until otherwise notified:
Mondays/Tuesdays - Cohort A (which includes all students in grades 6th - 12th with last names A-K)

Wednesdays - Virtual Instruction for all students in grades 6th - 12th

Thursdays/Fridays - Cohort B (which includes all students in grades 6th - 12th with last names L-Z)
If you are unsure about your child's start date, please don't hesitate to call your child's school and we will assist you with any questions. 
Virtual Program Students:
The VIP option is being provided as a full-time virtual learning experience for the 2020-2021 school year. VIP students will be required to attend one face-to-face orientation session on Wednesday, September 2nd to receive devices, important information on expectations and requirements, and technical assistance for accessing all course materials and resources. 
Returning Students
Lexington County School District Three is excited to launch online registration for returning students for the 2020-2021 school year. Please note that parents/guardians must complete an online registration form for each returning child who will be attending Lexington Three during the 2020-2021 school year. This process must be completed regardless of whether a child is using our virtual or in-person/hybrid learning models. Our district-wide registration portal will CLOSE on Friday, August 7th.
Parents of returning students should receive their child's snapcode in the mail sometime during the first week of August. You should receive a unique snapcode for each child. You will need your child's snapcode in order to access the online registration portal. To complete the registration process, visit and click the Returning Student Registration link at the very top of the homepage under Quick Links. (There is an English and Spanish version.)
Parents who pre-registered their child for our 4K or 5K programs via paper packets back in May or June should receive a snapcode and should confirm their child’s information using the Returning Student registration portal.
Parents who may not have access to a computer or other device to complete an online registration form for their child should contact their student's school.
Brand New Students
All brand new students (those who have never been enrolled with us) will not receive a snapcode and instead, will need to register in-person at their school. Parents/guardians should contact their child's school to schedule a time to do this. Please note that all social distancing guidelines will be in effect and that only a few people at a time will be allowed inside of our schools. Masks are highly encouraged and appreciated.
Parents of new students will need to bring the following documentation items with them when they come to their child's school to register. Children will not be enrolled without these items.
  • State or Military Birth Certificate from the Bureau of Vital Statistics
  • South Carolina Certificate of Immunization (available from the Health Department or your child’s doctor’s office)
  • Social Security Card
  • Proof of Residency in Lexington County School District Three (power bill, home phone bill, etc. with parent’s or guardian’s name and street address (not P.O. Box) and a copy of the parent’s/guardian’s picture ID with the same address)
  • Proof of Income (This can be in the form of a Medicaid card, W2 form or pay stub.) This is for brand new K4 students only.
Persons living outside of the Lexington Three attendance area who wish to have their child attend Lexington Three schools must have the items listed above (with the exception of proof of residency) in addition to the following. Please note that parents/guardians of out-of-district students must provide transportation to and from school.
  • Students must receive a release from their home school district and provide that release to Lexington Three.
  • If the child attended school in their home district prior to coming to Lexington Three, they must provide documentation showing that they are in good standing in academics, discipline and attendance in their home school district.
Out-of-district students will only be accepted if sufficient space in each grade is available and if they are in good standing in academics, discipline and attendance in their home school district. Children living within Lexington Three will be given priority of enrolling if space becomes an issue in a class or grade. 
There are several ways to pay fees for the 2020-2021 school year.
Parents of returning students can either pay fees online after the completion of the online registration form or they can come in person to their child's school August 24th through 26th. Parents/guardians must contact their child's school in order to set up an appointment on one of these days. Please note that all social distancing guidelines will be in effect and that only a few people at a time will be allowed inside of our schools. Masks are required per a mandate from the SC Department of Education.  
Parents of brand new students should pay their child's fees when they come to register in-person at their child's school.
Please see below for specific fee information:
There are no school fees for B-L Primary K3 or K4 students.
*B-L Primary - $25.00 (K5 - Second Grade only)
*B-L Elementary - $25.00
*B-L Middle - $45.00
*B-L Middle Technology Fee - $20.00
*B-L High Material Fee - $20.00
Graduation Fee (Seniors only) - $10.00
Underclassmen Fee (grades 9-11) - $5.00
Agricultural Science* - $10.00
Law Enforcement/Public Safety* - $10.00
Art/Drawing Sculpture* - $10.00
Building Construction* - $10.00
Business and/or Computer Courses* - $10.00
Mechatronics* - $10.00
Science Fee* - $10.00
Sports Medicine I & II* - $10.00
Math Course Battery Fee (1/year) - $5.00
PE/Weight Room/Athletic Weights* - $5.00
Spanish Workbook - $14.00
B-L High Parking Hanger - $10.00
B-L High Technology - $20.00
Firefighter - $50.00
CNA - $50.00
Welding - $10.00
Biomedical - $10.00

*denotes “per unit credit”
Below you will find school supply lists for each of our campuses. Parents of children who will be part of our virtual program should use these lists as guidelines and determine which supplies will be essential to aiding in the success of their student.
An important note for parents and guardians regarding the modified school schedules:
In order to accommodate social distancing requirements for staff and students AND multiple bus routes that will be necessary due to bus capacity guidelines, we will have staggered windows of time to allow for safe arrival into and departure out of our buildings each day. However, please note that students can be dropped off earlier than the listed drop-off times, just so long as it is after the teacher arrival time at each school.  Additionally, students can be picked up later than the listed bus/car pick-up time, just so long as it is prior to the listed teacher departure times.
Schools will provide more specific information regarding these procedures very soon to parents and guardians.